Tees Gees

He ponders, as all of this Beyondnet nonsense exists arcanely before him, their thoughts completely obfuscated by the fact that not only are they machines, but machines built under a set of directions written by a community without any real interest in things being understandable to anyone without a degree in theoretical quantum fucking around. Xegnes thinks about this, momentarily allowing his mind to draw its fingers across the page containing the definition of "impostor syndrome", before immediately shutting this book of thought and resuming it's hobby of belonging to a man who's job essentially consists of screwing around rather foolishly in front of hundreds of thousands of other trolls, publicly. Xegnes shrugs and stands up, heading back to his office. He can't think of a single possible thing he did wrong. Theoretically, if his game was from another planet, due to its nature of being multi massively online, making a mistake would simply cause it to fail to connect to whatever servers are hosted on that planet. The only real way to know is to try, and see what happens, he figures. He peers over at the monitor in his office.