Tees Gees


The Beyondnet is a most wonderous series of devices, created by the bumblings around of a team of quite dedicated conspiracy theorists, quacks, and other various kinds of forward thinking delinquents. It's purpose is well documented: it exists to be used for extraplanetary communication. Talking to aliens. It is known by the upper echelons of society as "probably a load of shit, honestly", to which the lower echelons, in the backs of their own minds, respond, "if it's such a load of shit, what is the regime so afraid of?". As this remains unspoken, it never gets a response, but the explanation can be boiled down to this: it isn't, actually. The theories and ramblings that culminated in its invention were not, in fact, baseless, and this is known by the very toppest of trolls, the head of the regime, the big bad herself. She says nothing. Who's business is it anyway? No one needs to know, and it quite works in her favour if the people who do are considered conspiratorial nutjobs. She simply makes it illegal to be possessed by the low castes, and forgets about it. No highblood who cares about their social standing is going to bother, and so far, none of the trolls who have tried to make it work have succeeded anyway.

Xegnes, however, is not a highblood who cares about his social standing. He sits alone in his server room, before a series of ridiculous machines, devices and contraptions. He holds his recently obtained, no longer shrink wrapped box and ponders.