Tees Gees


Life is full of games. One might even claim life itself is a game. One of those games people play more for the story than the gameplay, at times. Well, if life is a game, then this is one of those geocities pages meticulously and nigh obsessively chronicling the story and deep lore of one game in particular. A game based around the fate of a band of heroes, although in the beginning they do not yet know they are such. Of course, many games start like this, so it isn't too weird. I seriously doubt, for instance, Chrono realised when he woke up that one fateful morning that a simple trip to the faire would be the catalyst needed for him to go on grandiose adventures through time, all saving people and whatnot. People often don't realise they're heroes until after the fact, and in this game, our party of heroes is no different. In fact, the suspicion of them being particularly cosmically relevant or important had probably not passed their minds at all.